Herder-Fermex Stump Cutter SC-630H

The SC-630H is suited for tractors with approximately 120 HP. This machine is equipped with high-quality hydraulic components and has a high cutting capacity of 44 m. per second. Moreover, this stump cutter has an adjustable operation panel to get a better view on cutting the stump. Compared to the SC-550H, the SC-630H has a longer boom and more power.

Herder Stump Cutter SC-630H Features:

  • Maximum cutting power of up to 44 meters per second.
  • Increased cutting reach thanks to the modified boom.
  • Hydraulic propulsion allows maximum freedom of movement in the cutter wheel.
  • Adjustable operation panel to get a better view on cutting the stump.
  • Cutting reach below ground level approx. 80-90cm.
  • Connection points for a category II or III lifting device.
Product Information
Herder Stump Cutter for Tractor
Hydraulic Pump Drive Tractor power take-off
Lifting Device Category II and III
Required Power of Tractor 130 HP
Cutting Depth 80-90 cm

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