Saw Heads & Attachments

Diamond Mowers offer a variety of cutter heads and mower attachments for our boom mowers, as well as attachments for excavators and skid-steers.

Single Saw Boom Head

48" Single Saw Blade Head is designed to cut large brush and trees.

Boom Rotary Head

Rotary heads are available in 50" and 60" diameters and will fit any length boom arm.

Boom Flail Head

When a finer finish is required... Diamond's Boom Flail Mower is the tool for the job.

36" Boom Forestry Head

This compact, boom-mounted forestry head is designed exclusively for brush cutting applications. Cuts up to 18" diameter.

Skid-Steer Mowers

Diamond's Skidsteer Mowers are self-propelled, hydraulically-driven, front-mounted rotary and flail mowers that mow or cut brush and trees in front of the front tires or tracks.

Excavator Head

Diamond brings the most rugged excavator brush cutter products to the market.

Boom Ditcher Head

Diamond's Boom Arm Ditcher is a heavy-duty tool for your boom mower, powering through soil and vegetation to create new ditches or repair existing ditches filled in with mud, soot or other debris.

Proprietary Tri-Hex Disc Rotary Head

3 blades instead of 2 - Diamond Mowers' proprietary Tri-Hex disc's innovative design prevents excessive wear on bolts. This new innovation eliminates knife tipping and canting and comes standard on all Diamond's rotary mowers.

Joystick Control

In place of standard cable controls, a Joystick Control can make the job at hand easier. In four or five function options for electric over hydraulic.

Handy Hitch

Diamond’s Handy Hitch is a great way to extend your reach from the road down into the ditch while mowing with a pull-behind mower.

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