Votex In-Line Flail Mowers

Votex offers flail mowers for verges, ditch sides and embankments that operate at their maximum even under extreme mowing conditions. Votex offers a wide range of flail mowers that are suitable for all tractor brands, including several in-line flail mowers.

Votex has various in-line flail mowers, including the Votex RML, Votex Roadmaster 07, Votex Hillmaster 2102 and the Votex Landmaster. The flail mowers have a varying width, from 120 cm up to 310 cm.

Votex Landmaster Inline Flail Mower
Votex RML In-line Flail Mower

Votex RML In-line Flail Mower

Votex RML Features:

  • High quality strong build yet compact machine.
  • Internal roller bearings for protection and long life.
  • Hydraulic side shift option.
  • Special front linkage option to fit Reform and Aebi type tractors.
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Votex Roadmaster In-line Flail Mower

Votex Roadmaster 07 In-line Flail Mower

Votex Roadmaster 07 Features:

  • The best of in-line flail mowers.
  • Heavy duty power train with power bands for no loss of power.
  • Sideshift with linear guidance.
  • High capacity.
  • Various linkages available.
  • Unique front-trailed linkage: the machine behaves as trailed, while front mounted.
  • High working speeds possible due to large rotor diameter.
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Votex Landmaster In-line Flail Mower

Votex Landmaster In-line Flail Mower

Votex Landmaster Features:

  • Front and rear mounted as standard.
  • 600 mm hydraulic side shift.
  • Large 220 mm diameter ground roller.
  • Solid strong double skin frame.
  • Optional front trailed linkage for higher working speeds, better float and lower fuel consumption.
  • Standard equipped with 1,3 kg hammer flails.
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Votex Hillmaster In-line Flail Mower

Votex Hillmaster In-line Flail Mower

Votex Hillmaster Features:

  • A flat right-hand side for optimal manoeuvring along obstacles.
  • The right-hand rotor bearing is integrated into the rotor shaft.
  • No protruding bearing blocks.
  • Strong round tubing on the corners to protect the side panels.
  • Extra reinforcement corners to improve crop flow.
  • Large-diameter rotor axle fitted with strong mechanical labyrinth seals.
  • Reversible rotation direction of the rotor shaft.
  • Cover plate above the gearbox selector lever.
  • Roller with conical roller bearings.
  • Drive: 2x Powerband.
  • Openable front.
  • Fixed 3-point mount or a hydraulic side shift.
  • Good distribution of the flails on the rotor shaft.
  • Optional steel push bracket to push high shrubs forward.
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